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Born to Grow out.

One day they are so preciously young, so innocent and so tender that everyone around, just want and can’t wait their turn to hold them. One time you’re calling them all the sweet childish names; to which they jump, dance and laugh out so beautifully at your tease. Well, you can’t even wait to sing…

Strengths in vulnerability.

The thought of always wanting to feel strong, to be strong, to act strong; and show no weakness whatsoever is a misconception that can only be afforded by a nonhuman-like being. Sometimes just let loose. In some cases, for example, a child looks up to his or her parent(s) and expect to find no fault…

Dear God Please break me into pieces ;Piece by piece re-creat me into your vessel of Honour. For your own purposes and will for good. Let your Mercy and Grace work a Miracle in me that I may serve you Wholeheartedly without doubt or question. Make me understand that I am’ because you are; and, You are’ Who you say You are; and’ that! Has completely nothing to do with me. Myself I give away” I am now all yours to mould Oh God, Please Hear my prayer🙏


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