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“My son? …… A sigh! Then she stirs the stew one more time tasting it on her arm, adds some more salt and after folding her ‘leso’ together in between her legs, bends to gather some more dry firewood into the already burning ones. Then with a bright look on her face covered with aContinue reading “A ROUND WATCHFUL EYE”


#BrainstormsAwards #PenableAwards #AwesomeBloggerAwards I take this opportunity to thank MRS. T’s Corner for nominating me for the #BrainStormAwards. MRS. T’s Corner is a Blogger that writes inspiring articles mostly to mobilize Christ-like living. She speak on various topics about a Christian based life, basing her arguments on biblical concepts . To read more about herContinue reading “#BRAINSTORMS AWARD”

A Date with God.

Imagine if God was to invite you at His Dinner table to have with Him a meal? .Would you use all your time of preparation thinking, Oh my! What is the elegance that should wear me to the King’s of Kings invite. Am sure myself I would sweat drops so heavy off my imaginations andContinue reading “A Date with God.”

Dear God Please break me into pieces ;Piece by piece re-creat me into your vessel of Honour. For your own purposes and will for good. Let your Mercy and Grace work a Miracle in me that I may serve you Wholeheartedly without doubt or question. Make me understand that I am’ because you are; and, You are’ Who you say You are; and’ that! Has completely nothing to do with me. Myself I give away” I am now all yours to mould Oh God, Please Hear my prayer🙏


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