Boom! Boom! Boom!!
Ah! The resounding voices of mixed reactions befell my thoughts. And makes my urge!, “I want to tell” maybe even help a broken soul with a word of life. If you’re here and now reading this, I got a brilliant message for you , a couple of ideas I would like us to talk and discuss about. Before then, let you look yourself in a mirror. Tell me softly ‘Who do you see? Where do you see this Handsome or Beautiful person in future? What impacts or differences do you see Him or Her making in the society?’

Ladies! And Gentlemen?
I know after doing that “into a mirror,” you might be feeling nervous, scared, confused, inadequate or more so overwhelmed. Whatever your feelings are, I am here to tell you that it’s okay!. It’s okay to feel afraid or insecure for a normal human being. What really matters is what you do with that fear or worries. Think about it! Do you let that fear rule over you and control you or Wise enough! Do you embrace and use that same fear and worries to pay attention to details and work harder to get through whatever is challenging you. I mean “Fight fear with fear”.

A boy scared as hell! Before his grade 1 examination interview. The only way to fight his fear of failures is; if only he embraces his fear and face it by trying his best not to fail the exam..

A giant killer Shot!!
Quit trying to please Everybody. I need us to learn and understand these facts. Everybody is not ‘gonna’ like you. Everybody is not ‘gonna’ support you. Everybody is not ‘gonna’ get you. I need us to stop living our ‘life to be liked and appreciated. ‘Coz by doing so, we’re only going to get hurt and disappointed. We should understand that the first step to being unhappy and later living a miserable life is; trying to please everybody. Worse! everyone else, but you. What the point of trying to make everyone else happy and loosing you, in the process?

Stop loosing yourself to please people. Stop loosing yourself to impress others; who could care less about you. Again! I emphasize ‘stop trying to please everybody’.
Quit trying to control things, you can’t control, that are (out of your level, class, power and capability).Most people, including myself at some point have tried to control things and situations beyond our capabilities. Let’s focus on what we can control. There are exhausting things that you can’t control , for instance; you can’t control gossip, lies, rumours or hate and someone trying to get back at you.

However, you can focus and control things like your energy, time, talks and your peace. If there are things beyond your control; happening in or around your life that challenges you. Allow God to control and take care of them for you. Say a prayer and let go off negative thoughts.
Quit trying to be perfect and instead ‘Be Real’. Who cares if your past got mistakes; Whose doesn’t?. Just ‘coz you have a bad chapter, it doesn’t mean that your story can’t end well! Just ‘coz you made a mistake doesn’t mean you are ‘A mistake’ it only makes you ‘Human.’ And those people judging you are just blunt to their ‘own mistakes and failures.” They got imperfections too; they are just hiding it as well. Stop allowing ‘Social Media’ to hide your true identity; trying to be someone you’re not, to please people who could care less about you. Stop trying to be ‘perfect’, life is nothing about perfection but everything about progress. Never try to be perfect for imperfect people.

Quit accepting less, life is too short to settle ; too short to just accept ‘whatever’. Do not lower yourself to meet people at their level. If truly someone is interested to be in your life, then he or she must raise their standards to meet you at your level. Stop wrestling yourself or silencing your greatness to make people feel comfortable around you.

Quit measuring your life. Don’t you ever at any point in your life think that you’re not enough, ‘coz your life doesn’t add up. God made you for a purpose! And so He must have known or given you everything needed to accomplish that purpose; if only you Ask him to guide, give it to you, and even show you the way. That purpose makes you an important person for His creation. I encourage you today, that it is not wrong knowing your worth. It is nothing wrong protecting your life by going your heart ‘following your heart desires.” And only people that ‘wanna’ use you, will make you think or feel any different.

A so called ‘bestie’ ;woman feeds her girlfriend with lies and insecurities about her marriage with her husband. Just so as, to go behind her back and get him for herself…

Bullet proofs!!
Beware of Cowards! Who finds their strength and satisfaction in ‘exploiting others’ through their weakness. Deal with such people with a lot of wisdom and also take some time to pray for them.

Mind you the friends you make or have. ‘Coz in this life there are ‘real friends’ who makes our life easy through their compassion, Company and Support. And there are ‘fake friends’ or ‘lemme’ call them ‘opportunity fellas’ these ones stick in our life, act as if real friends, who cares about our well being, but deep down all they are looking for is a ‘gap’ in our life to grab and exploit for their own self interests. Please watch out! Who you call your ‘true friends’.

Don’t carelessly share your dreams, stories and experiences with anybody. Be careful also as to who you pour out your heart to. Some people are so full of insecurities and negativity, and lack motivational attributes like an open mind, patience and perseverance. They see every opportunity as ‘risk taking’. You shouldn’t allow such negativity and attitude anywhere near you. They are the ‘Enermy of Growth and Success”. With such people in your life for comfort and doing life together; there will be very minimal or no progress at all.

I feel like that is Gospel enough for today, for us all. But! Please allow me to close with a word for all ‘coz’ this I can write over and over again! Without getting finished on points. I will say that let’s follow God’s directives about loving our neighbours and being our brother’s keeper. I can tell you that real, God given Strength is found in a person “man or woman”, who encourages and uplifts others even while he or she is feeling weak, discouraged or heart broken. Yet! He or she finds the need, courage and strength to stand up! And fight for other people in their own weak point. If you’re this kind of a person, then you are a ‘Good Blessed Individual” and God sees and knows you.

Helping others, doesn’t always mean that we’re in a better position to; “sometimes it by making lots and lots of sacrifices” .May God help us🙏🙏

Thank you for reading this article and May God bless you.

By Arthur: Fredrick G. Kanja.
Email: fredrickkanja95@gmail.com

Published by Fredrick G. Kanja

I am highly motivated with strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal traits. As a dynamic person, I appreciate challenges and value the diverse opportunities and energy of working within a team. I am a team leader. My core values are integrity, excellence and servant leadership. As an individual, I like responsibilities, I am hardworking, I enjoy the challenges of new situations and derive much pleasure from improving my abilities in helping others improve theirs

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