“Young Minds, So Bright!”

Woke up at night ‘ a sigh! ”
I try to sleep so bad and loud enough to hear myself dream! But am squeezing; am running, am thinking, my heart is a marathon per second, beating, hoping to make a stop and just for once breath! I keep wondering, why are these nights too long?. Am at a corner of my bed; sited, tightened , I put my hope and trust in a morning that never arrive. These visions of being a great person in future isn’t letting slumber get the best of me . Am I weird? Can’t tell you I haven’t let my mind draw me away that direction. Am I normal? Why can’t I sleep at night like everyone else? These are thoughts that slaps me in the face. Figuring life out! I come to learn and understand that being young is like the flow of water in a river. Imagine all the enthusiasm , the great strength it carries as it flows, all the contaminations, hindrances of it’s maneuvers, every floating ,drowning, sinking objects and the unending ups and downs, before it could pour itself to a sea! Where comfort is experienced. It’s all a mystery journey that has neither a prediction of the Story line nor its Ending.

A sleepless night filled with many thoughts…

In my childhood days, my upbringing have couched me a mile , my Dad could say “ Son sleep doesn’t harvest” in same regards my Mom couldn’t let herself behind; so as any other typical African woman, she with a sharp eye “Son! sleep day and night! Let me worry all the troubles and home chores, like I always do! ‘Coz am your mother and myself have no mother of my own! I won’t get tired of letting you be!” huh! Then she continued “I tell you! When you grow up! Your future will solve your problem of sleeping issues, eh! “let one be worried of they own issues!” She would conclude. Very unwelcoming of ill behaviours, Right? As they stood firm like any other caring parent out there should . I know most of you just like me, can hear these words into their ears, if you’re of these sarcastic knowledgeable women; very Bright! Strong! Energetic! And N o- nonsense mothers. These words of my Dad and Mom have gone a long way in most of my decisions making and way of life; “how I perceive and plan my undertakings in life” . So far! There’s no other better advice than those that I remember from them; instilled with Love and Compassion.

‘Lemme!’ Tell you a story.
A story of very hardworking, intelligent and smart minds; minds so young but full of smart brilliant ideas. Ideas with a beautiful plan. An interesting plan worth a billion likes. These are not just ordinary minds; but brains with Visions that can change the world to be a better place .The kind of visions hidden in these Brains are insights that can turn life around for every bit of it, to creativity and innovation. ”A Story of brains worth sleepless nights!”

This isn’t just a tale, told a 1,000 years ago. Narrated first by our fore fathers, who left it for our circulating upto forthcoming generations to tell. This is a real life happenings story. I hope you’re in at it, all through, to see that this is a relatable and read-friendly narrative, made of actual people. Young characters of both genders, under 30 years of age, but with rich mature minds; that can inspire generations after generations.

Mr. Kavyu, Manager and Sales Executive at iShop KE company limited Kenya.

My first character is Mr. Kavyu. A Kenyan born and raised, living in Kenya. He is well known as ‘Devado”; a young humble hardworking Smart and aggressive businessman. He is an IT expert by profession, who mostly survive on business ideas and investments. He is a manager and sales Executive at iShopKE, an electronic Shop. Dealers in sales ,upgrades and repairs of all Apple products and many more varieties of products.

This is a few of the products sold and repaired by iShopKe. To contact or reach them for details and business transactions , check out their website http://www.ishopke.co.ke or Call/ WhatsApp them via their office number ( Mr kavyu +254743700022

Their electronic products ranges from brand new to Ex- Uk imports and also used products. All their product are certified and warranted. In his line of work he have worked with, mentored and inspired a whole lot of old and young generation to be better and useful people in the society.

Ms.Gwynne, Financial Consultant and Sales Executive at World Navi Motor Company Limited Japan.

My next character is named Ms. Gwynne. A Japanese born and raised. She lives in Japan. She is a young simple hardworking intelligent young woman. Gwynne runs a global motor business under a Global company known as World Navi Japan as a sales executive, among other ventures. This company deals with sales and trade of new and used Japanese motor vehicles, and is established globally in different countries.

Above is images of some of the motor vehicles sold by World Navi Co. LTD . They range from different Makes and models. To do business with World Navi ,Email them at gwynneuy@worldnavi.co.jp or call/ whatsapp their office no +254 740 201937.

She works globally serving clients one on one and online to reach more clients. She is under self-supervision online and through this business plan, she is able to involve other salespeople from different continents and countries, and shares profit with them through commissions, after every successful business transactions. In doing so, she is able to mobilize so many people to self-employment, most of these being young people who are active online.

Mr. Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) at KenSuits Fashion Shop Kenya.

My third character is named Mr. Kennedy , famously known as ‘Kennobi’. A Kenyan born and raised, living in Kenya. He is an intelligent cool-collected aggressive and self- motivated young man. He studied Business Procurement as a profession; but mostly survives through self-employed business plans i.e Fashion Arts and modelling among other jobs and investments. Mr. Kennedy is the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of a business famously known as ‘KenSuits’ . Dealers in tailoring and sales of fashion designed suits. Their craftsmanship is in all aspects Exceptional, with suits which are Impeccably tailored from a variety of high quality fabrics; all cut to elegance, to slim fit the light weight construction for all body figure .

These above are KenSuits tailored, elegant, and slim fit suits for both men and women. To have KenSuit dress you elegantly, and for details , pricing and delivery Call or WhatsApp
+254716273525 . You can also Email : kenronolen@ gmail.com

Their executive suits styling makes them the perfect choice of all occasions. Through self-employment and creativity, he has been able to inspire many people. Most being youths; and employ some of them to work for him as models, for his suits advertising and sales promotion.

Ms. Leah, Founder and Sales Executive at Pinkett Collection Fashion shop Kenya.

My last character for this interesting story is a lady named Ms. Leah. She is a Kenyan Born and Raised. She lives and works in Kenya. She is an intelligent humble and hardworking young woman. Leah is a self-employed businesswoman who invest in variety of business ideas and investments. She runs a fashion business known as Pinkett collection, dealers in quality outfits, gifts, bags, shoes and swimwears both for men and women.

These above are some of the different fashion wear varieties sold by Pinkett Collection. To get dressed or to do business with them contact them via Email: pinkettcollection@gmail.com or they social media handles
Instagram & Facebook pages: Pinkett Collection.
You can also visit them at their Shop location : Nairobi, (Kenya) Mfangano Street, Umoja 2 stalls shop No.10C. You can also reach them via their office shop Telephone: Call or Whatsapp +254 710 848501

They provide trend led fashion for those on a budget too. Through this business investment Leah is able to inspire many youths and mobilize them to self-employment. She is also able to employ some, to play the role of models for her business sales promotion and advertisements.

I am very proud to know these Brilliant young minds, that are making very Great and huge positive impacts in the society and world at large. Am very humbled and inspired to have them as my friends and business partners. May God bless them with more life changing ideas, and that He may bless the work of their Hands.

That must have been a lengthy one tell, thank you my reader for your patience reading through. From those incredible stories inside my story, we learn some morals that one! There are young incredible minds out there in the world, that are not just sleeping on talent and abilities. But are also leading in making very Great noticeable and demanding change in our society. Minds so Brilliant! That doesn’t wait around for the government to create job opportunities for them to make end meets. I hope this article inspire a lot of people all over the world. Most especially the young generation to take charge of the life, and make good concrete decisions as to matters of their life.

My closing statement is that “ Don’t wait around for any one to help you accomplish your goals, dreams or heart desires. But work hard and smart towards them yourself, and if help comes along the way, well and good! Last but not least, most importantly Pray and Trust in God; that He will have your back as He is always faithful to them that believe in Him.”

By Author: Fredrick G. Kanja. Email: fredrickkanja95@gmail.com Cell/ Whatsapp: +254721656538/ +254711497274

Thank you. God Bless.

Published by Fredrick G. Kanja

I am highly motivated with strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal traits. As a dynamic person, I appreciate challenges and value the diverse opportunities and energy of working within a team. I am a team leader. My core values are integrity, excellence and servant leadership. As an individual, I like responsibilities, I am hardworking, I enjoy the challenges of new situations and derive much pleasure from improving my abilities in helping others improve theirs

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