There is a sweet! Lovely! good looking body part! Attached to me. A piece of body that can pull a crowd towards me. It is very shiny and reflective from every direction. A sensitive body piece, that reacts easy and can cause happiness; if carefully kept intact or even cause a lot of pain if misused or hurt. There are times I have done my best at taking care of it, and that yielded plenty of Joy.

However, at some point in life, I have done ‘unpleasant stuffs’ to my favourite body part, and with my piece of body. This ended up with me ‘a big mess’, lost and hurt out of my carelessness.
I can confidently tell you from experience that this isn’t a part that you want messing around with or worse, any other person around, in or surrounding your life messing up with. But even before we can get into it! Allow me to bring you up to speed, with few things I have felt so proud doing with my favourite body part that makes me feel so good about myself. If you can relate with my stories or experiences ‘just smile!’.

To begin with, I have used it to bring Joy and happiness to sad ‘people”. At the instance I presented it, I could see their sad faces start to brighten with Joy. This made me maintain it longer than intended. Secondly, I have used it to comfort an avoided and forsaken fellow human being; immediately the moment I gave it to them they could help themselves but smile with Joy and happiness. Thirdly, I have used it to turn around an awkward moment, and made it acceptable and less embarrassing.

Well! Whereas I have been proud of the good things that I have done with ‘this my body part’ .There are instance that I don’t feel so proud with the way I utilised this piece of body. For instance, I have withheld it back when I deep down felt and knew that it was desperately needed by the other person; which is selfish and inconsiderate. I have also used it on people in situations that made them feel humiliated and harassed. For reason such as these, makes me feel guilty and evil at the same point. And in that regard, I really yearn to do my best in future to use ‘ my favourite body part’ for all the right reasons to every individual or situation.

What’s this favourite body part?
Now! ‘Lemme’ tell you about my favourite body part which is “My smile’ .It is my favourite body part because it makes me attractive and lovely, even without saying a single word to anyone. It is also so contagious to anyone even to strangers. I love my smile so much because it makes my personality simple, friendly and easy to relate and approach, for anyone in or surrounding my life.

Contagious smiles that brightens the world😊😊

“Smile Dear! smile!!
Please don’t be sad! All these will be over soon; it’s okay! Everything will be fine. Most of everything or anything happens with a reason, for certain reasons. Don’t stress about it. Relax! There’s a God that sees and know what you been through; He is a loving and caring father. He is ‘gonna’ do something about your situation. Just put your Faith and Trust in Him. He offers hope where hope is dying. Do not give up on Him ‘coz He is doing something new in your life. This might just be the beginning of your new chapter of an improved, blessed and God-given life. Stay strong Dear one!”

Those are the most kind, moving and comforting words that most people at some point in life get to tell or hear ; to or from loved one. Beautiful words that can change a hurting soul and make it feel the warmth and embrace of those that really do care. These are not just any words; they need a lot of courage, confidence and bravely to utter to anyone. There are times most people have so badly wanted to say these words to a hurting person, but lacked just enough strength and courage to say them. Other have had the courage but allowed pride and stubbornness to get in between and so they pulled away from encouraging a broken heart. Then there are few people that did tell someone hurting these lovely words courageously, with love and care. They ended up changing the whole situation around to a bit comfort, Joy or even happiness. They left a hurting soul smiling for a while or a lifetime. Making the hurting party feel loved, cared for or even comforted. Such people as those, deserves a medal of honour! For their beautiful act of kindness and compassion. Making someone sad smile.

A smile is an important body part that makes human being attractive and gives them an amazing look from all angles. A smile makes life a bit easy to exist and explore its surroundings, even greeting a smiling stranger feels a whole lot less awkward. Nevertheless! Not all situations and circumstances appreciate a good smile. In fact in some instances and situations it would be deemed rude , arrogant, inconsiderate or even heartless and evil to smile. For instance! Imagine being accompanied by a smiling friend to a burial or a serious demanding job interview. So weird and irritating, right? . Situations and circumstances such as these calls for maturity and wisdom.

Finally! As you think about these sentiments, it’s important to note and understand that it’s medically proven that a smily (always smiling) person is whole lot less prone to stress or depression, and their life span is increased just by them always maintaining a smile. So always do your best to smile, and to make others people smile mostly for all the right reasons.

How amazing is it; when good friends smile , laugh and do life together, isn’t it beautiful⚘?

Quote: “The most longest beautiful and most contagious smile is a self initiated smile.”

Author: Fredrick G. Kanja

Published by Fredrick G. Kanja

I am highly motivated with strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal traits. As a dynamic person, I appreciate challenges and value the diverse opportunities and energy of working within a team. I am a team leader. My core values are integrity, excellence and servant leadership. As an individual, I like responsibilities, I am hardworking, I enjoy the challenges of new situations and derive much pleasure from improving my abilities in helping others improve theirs

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