Not Same but are Wired

In the Beginning, as He had been creating. He looked at what he had made and saw that it was good, and on the sixth day he said: “Now let’s make man in our own image and likeness.”

In the beginning; man sinned trying out to be like God🤨

So who is man?
I came into different conclusions after reading chapter 1 of Genesis, about God’s creation of the universe and all makes and creatures in it. My main interest is the human species.
I understood that ‘man’ here doesn’t represent male; but both male and female that’s if you follow keenly through the Bible verses. There have been too much speculation and misconceptions about God’s sentiments in His creation of human race: both by believers and non-believers. Arguable Question: Did God mean male? By the word, “man!” And sentimental instructions and suggestion** Let’s make man in ‘Our own-likeness?’. Being that The Bible says: and discourse ‘He or Him’ to mean God, Jesus Christ (His son) or The Holy spirit ;who are all one (The Holy Trinity).

If you went through school curriculum or had formal English lessons, you know very well that grammar in pronouncing ‘He or Him’ is to mean male (man). These education curriculums either formal or informal, are man-made. And that is human understanding (knowledge) and perspectives; which to God, He calls it foolishness. Huh! We are His fools though, for He calls Us ‘my sons and daughters.’ It’s getting intensely deeper now to swallow these words. Which if they were my own! I would notch them black, to ease self- composure on eye-to-heart; as now they make me also feel-to-have unwarranted know-how. God is Above all, for he made it all. When He! My maker (creator); Who now is the Master and Controller of ‘destinies and fates’ says and wills it! Then let it be so; that no one argues His words. I pray and wish His wishes upon and into my life. May His will be done for all of human race.

Looking into us human race. Truly if we read the Bible keenly, following through sermons and biblical expositions, we get a deeper understanding that ‘man’ is repeatedly used in the Bible to mean Both male and female (man and woman). God repeatedly utters the word ‘men’ as he instructs or refers to human race. This human race consists of both male and female, again ( man and woman) for the world’s perspective.

‘Lemme’ let you deep! Inside my Brain!!
What was I thinking! Writing this piece of art? I have tried to omit some phrases, even done a hard job editing, deleting and inserting back some of the deleted phrases. It’s hard for me to begin to elaborate, how much thinking I made, reading this article once and again. Proof-reading, not only to edit grammatical errors, but most importantly to make sure am getting what am writing and saying also, before I can pass it to you my reader. I was not sure that I also fully got a grasp. How so? that God calls a woman ‘man.’ That statement would be worth reading again for you also. ‘Huh! …He’s sure a God of wonders .Am I Shocked or Impressed? Are you? Am amazed.

If God thought like human being ‘ who He created with His own hands’ How discriminative would he be; checking on the world we live in. Most males will believe they exist as ‘gods’ equal or above Him in their reasoning and world understanding. Just ‘coz they are made in His image, and females from them (males). Wait! A minute; this is the part that man thinks ‘she or they are the rib of my rid. How sweet of One to say to another?. Sometimes this line from the Holy Book, is used to Bullshit someone to oppression and violations. Be careful! Where, When and By Who; it’s used. If it’s to mean love, well it’s a moving heart highway to a Happy life. But! If it’s not for the Biblical ‘Intended Reasons’ then take note and stay watchful of the evil coming-crawling-running your way.

Remember what the cunning serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden. If you eat this ‘Forbidden Fruit’ that God says to neither touch nor eat, you’ll be like Him; and He is Afraid of that. Serpent added also’ God is worried that you’ll differentiate good from bad. I think it is coming to be so, that man believe serpent more than God . Having in mind that Serpent just like man, also was part of GOD’S CREATION. But here now he tries to act wiser than God to trick them (Adam and Eve) .Although it was Eve discussing with the Serpent; we can’t exempt Adam. Whichever the case being that He was also there when God instructed them. Yet! He also ate the refused (forbidden) fruit. Did he wait to consult God? NO! . Did He eat even though God said don’t eat it? YES. Then the punishment came to them all. Adam, Eve and the Serpent. God was really angered for their disobedience and naive nature ‘thinking they could have outdone and outshine Him (Their Creator and Master).

Today I only address one Instances just. I have adressed ‘Adams’ being that am also one of them. Some males! Not all, but particularly may it be heard by all human race both male and female. Also myself not exempted and our female companions and helpers ‘Eves’ . It is very sad, unbecoming and evil ( sinful against men and God) that some Adams (males) treat ‘Eves'( females) as their properties and half-them (half-man/ half-human). How many males have argued themselves ‘gods’ over their wives or female-friends?. This is ‘gonna’ break a bone, even maybe sharpen deeper than a sword! Say a soul. Most of these males will Quote the Bible and even paraphrase it to give them a save pass to rule over, step over and stay above females; as God. Trying to compete against God. But of how far much foolishness is in a world?. For a human being to mock God (His Maker) and take His place and responsibility?. Even more so! Paint God-Work and creation for the ruthless and evil that it’s not. Is ‘man’ now wiser than He that made Him? How foolish to think; say or do?

Please lemme know, What you think? .In the comments section before or feel free to inbox me in my email:

I feel like I have been so discriminative in this article. I believe I didn’t do enough to balance gender. Next time I need to pull up my sock and do something about it. And there is also so many issues and illustrations surrounding this Topic Title; where man in his evil and ungrateful nature have tried to compete with God. Considering, how fast we do forget that He made us, and we came in this earth naked and knowing nothing; leave alone the difference between good and evil. I felt that if I start by a talk, mostly with men; who God made as Heads. I believe that I talk to a generation also for (males gives the seed). He might change, mobilize change in others, or even instill it to his kids and siblings. Not forgetting that a female reading this** (females carries and natures the growth of the seed) .She will also be able to guide Her sons and daughters, maybe husband, male-friends or siblings also. Every gender to teach a lesson of fear of God, and urge fellow human being to do that which God instructs in His will and commandments. To understand that we are His children, and He parents us all; baring in mind that at no any particular point in life, a child goes above His father or mother (parent) despite who they are. It doesn’t matter their Title or Status. To teach them that they should not, and have neither the right nor capability to act like God or try to compete with Him. As He is their creator and so He remains Above All; as Our Father and Master.

You’re all that Matter Dear God🙏🙏

That felt much of a sermon than an article; tell me what you think?



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6 thoughts on “IS MAN NOW WISER THAN GOD

  1. Nice. I find the bible to have many interpretations subject to perception and level of awareness. But it’s always good to be keen and open to learning more about it.

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