Together we can💯✌Divided we fall.

Hey, Hi!

Dear friends, Family and All extremed Guest Readers. Hope you’re doing Good? . That God has Kept you Safe, Healthy and Well provided for? .I can only imagine How difficult it has been for all of us. Most especially as individuals during this period of a pandemic. It’s even very Hard and Worrying to begin to talk about it. How to start and When to stop😢. A pandemic that confuses even the experts, and no one really knows or understands it completely to either explain it or tell when it’s going to be over. We only know how it began and the way it’s spreading and rapidly killing. However, no need to Despair because we have God Our Father of Love, Mercy and Grace. He will not forsake us nor will he let us perish. Let’s us put our Trust in Him Who Love and Cares for us.

I can also confess that the situation hasn’t been different for me. I have had my equal share of Worries, Trials and Difficulties in these Trying, Exhausting and Uncertain Times. It has been a season of ups and downs but mostly downs since a New Killer Disease started the circles of sickening humans and killing them all around the world. The many new routines and movement regulations not to forget the anxiety of not knowing the next minute occurrence, situations and status. I can attest that it’s a lot of work to keep up with our wellness of being and living. But in these uncertain times, I have chosen to wait on God and know that He sees me, knows my name and will wipe away my tears; all in the Best time.

Why am writing this?

First and foremost, mine is to Thank you all for always being Here with me through every step of my blog transition for the past two months. Yes! We are already two month old here on wordpress. Thanks to this amazing platform where we get to share our thoughts, opinions and perceptions to the world without any hindrances or judgments. I have really enjoyed orally talking to you. I hope my words have had sense enough to ignite some positive inspirational spirits?. Just like I have mentioned am so happy to announce to us, that we are now two months old. It’s been a long journey Creating and Managing this Blog and still is. If I make a confession; is that, I couldn’t have been able to do as much of what I’ve done here, without most of you guys. Your Love and Support have been so Amazing.

To make an impact: It is very important to have in mind that I need you “My Reader Audience’. Just like a Book, a-well-authored book with inspirational, motivational or entertaining material stored without anyone to read it; then it’s worthless and of no help to anyone. So! I hope that Help you to see how important and valuable you are to me, to my Blog and to my purpose of impacting the society positively. I do not take it for granted that you put in time to check out my Blog and even give your feedbacks. Am amazed by your Warmth of Embrace. Cheers! To more years of Great reads and views.📚📚

There goes more confessions. Over the past few weeks. I have been moved by your love and care to see my talent and ambitions straight and successful for my own good and that of others including you my reader. It’s very important to note that you my Reader comes first for me; to my first step into making an impact. And it doesn’t matter who you are. Known or Unknown; you’re a special human for taking your time to go through my piece of Art. More so compliment, add a thought or even correct a mistake. I do my best to take most of it into consideration (reader’s feedbacks, opinions and points of corrections).

Most times! There have been so much going through my thoughts. Until am unable to easily decide on what I really want to share with you at certain times and seasons of life . Having said that, am so glad that some of you make suggestions to me of write ups topic titles that they think might be useful to them and others. I think that’s very brilliant of you my blog readers. Please allow me to call you that name today😁. It Humbles me to hear what is transpiring in your minds after going through my thoughts. Going forward your feedbacks in terms of comments , emails , calls or one on one conversations, will matter so much to me more . ‘Coz these articles as much as they are for my thoughts and opinions expression (to communicate) .They are also meant for your consumption and satisfaction. And it’s not easy to seperate the two aspects. So keep them coming!! (THE COMMENTS).

When I was starting this, I was a bit Skeptical about my Target Consumers. However! In that period which I have been creating this Blog approximately, the past two months, that’s the last thing that worries me (Target Consumers). To be realistic, there was some group of people both family and friends. People I thought would be my first target readers. So I focused so much energy trying out something good enough for them; that will effectively communicate to them. This was because at first, I thought they would be the first ones to embrace me even support my Dream and Ideas maybe I was wrong. But it’s good to note, with all due respect and love for them; that only a few of them (family and friends) supports me until now. Again after the very first article I can tell you it was so overwhelming for me and those around me. And there was quite a noticeable audience and following. Consistency then was misplaced after the second and third articles; and only a few royal ones remained to follow my other new articles like this one here.

Right now I can confidently say that most of my Readers and Supporters are people that I would call acquaintances or total strangers; people I came across once or twice and those who have heard of me from the ‘crowd’ . So I have choosen the purpose of communication to be more over and above that of pleasing my consumer’s satisfaction. I hope that no one mistakes that for lack of concern or care for my blog consumer’s Quality. In fact! This article is mostly meant for all of you (I mean you!) Reading this. You matter a lot to me and to my next write Up thought. It doesn’t Matter who you are; family, friend, an acquaintance or a total stranger. You are ‘people of power’ (Very Important people) 😊.

I give you a Thumbs Up! 👍👍For being a source of inspirations for me to write more. ‘Coz you are reading more of my write ups and saying much of your give away thoughts and opinions about how you feel about my pieces of art.

My source of Motivation??

If we are truthful to each other. We can all agree that there’s nothing new, easy to do. They is always a bunch of missteps here and there. Until one is able to settle right the mind. Which will most definitely take different valuable amount of time, energy and resources depending on the subject matter. And Even if it succeeds and takes the right shape and direction. There will always be much room for improvements. In the same way, I can tell you from experience that writing isn’t easy and needs a lot of focus and hardwork to keep it a float. Sometimes, I have felt the urge to quit. Huh! Funny? yeah! Considering I have only been here for two months. But it’s good that am honest to myself and to you because that’s the right thing to do for a better life. It’s not every day we wake up feeling motivated to do the things we do. Even the things we love most to do; sometimes it’s not easy to do them.

Once in a while, there’s a cold voice of leaving it behind and moving on that comes crawling to us. The Big Question is How you cope and Handle that ‘despair spirit’ so negative. Do you allow it to control you? Or do you take charge and get things done despite it all?. To be sincere I have felt some weakness of despair, but have not given into it and allowed it to take control of my Efforts, Goals and Purpose. Every day I wake up early, and pray to God. Hoping to face a brighter day full of good yields and all kinds of wonderful surprises and blessings, regardless. A prayer a day and some Bible verses gives me more yearn for life and everything else it offers. I have come to understand that with God everything is possible and no need to worry about ‘nothing’ because He got ‘everything’ taken care of. If we live our part, and play our roles as He have commanded in His will. We will be fine and successful no matter what comes our way.

In conclusion:

Thank you so much for your stay, love and support rendered here, by you. I appreciate you taking your precious time off your busy schedules to go through my pieces of art. I hope you find more reasons to stay and be part of this Blog growth. It’s very important to note that your comment, point of correction and view are always welcome. I promise that now and in future I will do my very best to read and consider them because it all matters. Finally, please! Allow me to make a Humble request, that if you find the information here useful to you, kindly share the blog link👉 with friends, family or colleagues and let them also get informed or even inspired😉.

Thank you a bunch🙏💖

This I played specifically for you. It’s a dedication of my love for you being so royal and real😊😊

Author: Fredrick G. Kanja


Published by Fredrick G. Kanja

I am highly motivated with strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal traits. As a dynamic person, I appreciate challenges and value the diverse opportunities and energy of working within a team. I am a team leader. My core values are integrity, excellence and servant leadership. As an individual, I like responsibilities, I am hardworking, I enjoy the challenges of new situations and derive much pleasure from improving my abilities in helping others improve theirs


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