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I take this opportunity to thank MRS. T’s Corner for nominating me for the #BrainStormAwards. MRS. T’s Corner is a Blogger that writes inspiring articles mostly to mobilize Christ-like living. She speak on various topics about a Christian based life, basing her arguments on biblical concepts . To read more about her work click this link๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ https://www.tangietwoods.blog



What are you feeding your Mind? I am new here on wordpress considering am just 2 months old. I feel so much humbled and thankful to God for the gift to write and the opportunity to participate in forums such as this. Second! is to thank you all my readers and viewers for the support accorded.

I started this blog to explore my talent of art; in writing, photography, drawing and music. Another reason that made this blog take shape is that I feel so much happiness teaching, educating and counselling others. That Just make me feel like a new person. Writing here, posting and reading the comments ( sharing with consumers of my blog) @ https://cityflamesart.wordpress.com .Has made me feel improved and better than before.

My articles are based on life-issues and Christianity-life. I write to encourage, motivate and inspire. And so far from the response I have been getting in the comments section from different quarters. Makes me believe that my blog is above average meeting my expectations and objectives.

I look forward to learning more and bettering my ideologies and philosophies so that I can be of much help to my readers and viewers. I Trust and pray to God that He may help me grow more, to counsel and display my gifts, talents and capabilities in wisdom and understanding. I hope that as I continue to write and share I’ll be able to interact more with people and even reach a wider number of audience. My future goal is to grow in all dimensions using my talents and skills through blogging.


1. Thank the one that nominated you. 2. Tag your post with #BrainStormsAward and follow BrainStorms if you’re willing. 3. Display the BrainStorms Awards logo. 4. Talk a bit about your Blog. Why you started writing, What you write on, and your goal for your blog in BrainStorms Awards. 5. Answer the five Questions you have been asked. 6. Nominate five other Amazing bloggers in Brain storms Award. 7.Ask five new Questions in BrainStorms Award.


1. When Did you start blogging? I started blogging approximately 2 months ago.

2.Why did you start blogging? I felt like God has given me a gift to encourage and to counsel. So I put my thoughts, ideas and opinions down here for people to read.

3. How often do you blog? Once or twice in a week.

4.What are your thoughts about interacting with fellow bloggers? I thinks it’s eye-opening since they give me more insights about various life issues and also we get to grow together; sharpening each other knowledge-wise. I also get challenged by what others write and reading it, improves my perspectives.

5. Have your blogging expectation(s) been met? I can say confidently that above average of my expectations have been met and I look forward to more growth writing.


1. https://letsallbefeminists.wordpress.com

2. https://doriskoki.wordpress.com

3. https://theartofchristianliving.blog

4. https://theangelinaarchives.com

5. https://voices-from-the-margins.blog


1. Who is your mentor blogger?

2. Do you think blogging can make a fulltime Job?

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs from now?

4. How has blogging changed your life?

5. Can you invest your savings in blogging?

Published by Fredrick G. Kanja

I am highly motivated with strong leadership, organizational and interpersonal traits. As a dynamic person, I appreciate challenges and value the diverse opportunities and energy of working within a team. I am a team leader. My core values are integrity, excellence and servant leadership. As an individual, I like responsibilities, I am hardworking, I enjoy the challenges of new situations and derive much pleasure from improving my abilities in helping others improve theirs

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