“Men are so Trash”

ALL MEN ARE TRASH🚮🚮 We can all agree that men are many things that women complain about . Most which women dislike .But one fact is that men are men and will never be women; every person should be characterized individually. Only foolish people are allowed to generalize all or certain genders. Cos’ then weContinue reading ““Men are so Trash””


Ah! May this sound actionable rhetorical to you reading this. Who is good enough to deserve good enough things in life?. Who is more an angel to deserve God’s all in all love and kindness? . Everyone needs and wishes to be treated with greatness by everyone else in and around their lifes. But whoContinue reading “OUT OF YOU AND GOD.”


#BrainstormsAwards #PenableAwards #AwesomeBloggerAwards I take this opportunity to thank MRS. T’s Corner for nominating me for the #BrainStormAwards. MRS. T’s Corner is a Blogger that writes inspiring articles mostly to mobilize Christ-like living. She speak on various topics about a Christian based life, basing her arguments on biblical concepts . To read more about herContinue reading “#BRAINSTORMS AWARD”


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