There are several benefits of online writing. I will only highlight a few of them below. Easy time management. Online writing helps the writer to manage their time well, without having to worry about unscheduled meetings or last Minute meetings from management and supervisors. An online writer manages their own time, ‘as their own boss.’Continue reading “8 BENEFITS OF ONLINE WRITING”

“Men are so Trash”

ALL MEN ARE TRASH🚮🚮 We can all agree that men are many things that women complain about . Most which women dislike .But one fact is that men are men and will never be women; every person should be characterized individually. Only foolish people are allowed to generalize all or certain genders. Cos’ then weContinue reading ““Men are so Trash””

Gold is the devil’s fishhook

It’s amazing! It’s loved! It’s treasured! It’s on high demand! It’s expensive! It’s lovely and shiny! It’s very rare yet so common amongst the wealthy crowds. I wonder who knew to call it Gold. Who knew first where to dig it. Who decided it should be so valuable yet so rare amongst human beings. WhoContinue reading “Gold is the devil’s fishhook”

Christianity in 21st Century.

Hey! Hello lovely people😊 It been a minute. So much have been happening in my life, but am petty much doing quite okay considering the fact about what we’ve all been through in these tough times. Still are, but! We’re all gonna’ get through these by the love of God. Be encouraged Brethren🙏 Today IContinue reading “Christianity in 21st Century.”


#BrainstormsAwards #PenableAwards #AwesomeBloggerAwards I take this opportunity to thank MRS. T’s Corner for nominating me for the #BrainStormAwards. MRS. T’s Corner is a Blogger that writes inspiring articles mostly to mobilize Christ-like living. She speak on various topics about a Christian based life, basing her arguments on biblical concepts . To read more about herContinue reading “#BRAINSTORMS AWARD”

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