Hey, Hi! Dear friends, Family and All extremed Guest Readers. Hope you’re doing Good? . That God has Kept you Safe, Healthy and Well provided for? .I can only imagine How difficult it has been for all of us. Most especially as individuals during this period of a pandemic. It’s even very Hard and WorryingContinue reading “MOVING JOURNEY TOGETHER HAND IN HAND.”

Care a Mouthful.

This lockdown have given me many thoughts!…But this one, Feels Wrong! A terrifying long thought that is a neighbour’s-life-threatening; if not well argued. A Scratchy thought that is screaming loud ready to let-out-open; and be heard. Maybe for the right or wrong reasons. “I have been a victim, fallen short of Grace many times andContinue reading “Care a Mouthful.”

Men don’t cry!…… “The inside man.”

Boy! Oh boy! My boy!A young boy in a small village ‘most villages.” A tiny, small, innocent, little thing. After having his toys taken away and receiving a heavy beating from an older boy. Coming home, you’d hear the sound of the father shouting…”Son don’t you dare cry! , you’re a man! and men don’tContinue reading “Men don’t cry!…… “The inside man.””

Good Dreams are Faith….

What If Dreams was a’ people? What name would blaze them? What age would represent them?How social will they… and What friends will they have?My mind can’t stop going round and round to figure it out🤔🤔 I humbly Welcome You ‘My Buddies and Honourable Quest readers to hear out my ideologies and humble opinions, thatContinue reading “Good Dreams are Faith….”

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